August 31, 2016

Hara bhara Kabab / Green Patties

"Hara Bhara Kebab – A very deliciously healthy & perfect vegetarian recipe made with spinach, mashed potatoes and green peas. These Kebabs are very easy prepare and tasty way to add nutritious spinach and in your diet. Serve Kebabs hot and crispy with Green chutney or Tamarind chutney as snack or appetizer. Or use kebabs to prepare burger, sandwich, wrap etc."

Cuisine: Indian | Recipe Category: Appetizers & Snacks
Prep Time: 30 Minutes | Cook time: 15 Minutes | serving: 12 Pc

August 09, 2016

Magnolia Bakery’s (NYC) famous Banana Pudding

"Banana pudding - A very deliciously famous banana pudding from Magnolia Bakery, New York. This creamy Banana pudding is a dessert game changer, very easy to make, made with just 6 ingredients. So if you can’t make it to NYC to savor the world-renowned Banana Pudding at Magnolia Bakery, here the recipe. Give a try – this is going to become your party showstopper dessert."

Cuisine: World | Recipe Category: Desserts & Sweets
Prep Time: 30 Minutes | Set time: 4 Hours to Overnight | serving: 12-15