May 12, 2021

Quinoa Oats Dosa

Dosas are South Indian savory crepes traditionally prepared with fermented lentil and rice, served with Aloo MasalaNariyal Chutney/Coconut Chutney and sambhar. Traditional rice dosas are bit heavy and full of carbs.  Quinoa Oats Dosas not only makes a great meal option but also are vegan free, gluten free and suitable for diabetic people too. Quinoa is one of the best health foods and a great replacement for rice. Quinoa is rich in protein, naturally gluten free, high in fiber, beneficial antioxidants, the list is really long. Same goes with oats, rich in fiber, gluten free, source of important vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. 

Quinoa Oats Dosas are my family new favorite and handy recipe whenever we are craving for Dosas. These dosas are quicker than traditional dosas as these doesn’t require fermenting, soaking time is also less and top on that these are healthy, hearty and taste super yummy. Give this tried and tasted recipe a try, I am sure you are family and friends are going to love it. Eat healthy, stay healthy and Enjoy!!!

Cuisine: Indian | Recipe Category: Breakfast & Brunch | Serving:  10-12 Dosa
Soak Time: 4 Hours | Rest Time: 20 Minutes
 | Cook Time: 20 Minutes



White quinoa

1 cup


Rolled oats

½ cup


Urad daal

½ cup


Chana daal

¼ cup


Methi seeds/fenugreek seeds ( See quick tips)

1Tsp.-1 Tbsp.



2 cups



To taste



1 Tbsp.

Step By Step Instruction: [Hide Images]

  1. In bowl add white quinoa, rolled oats, urad daal, chana daal and methi seeds. 
  2. Rinse everything 2-3 times under running water until water turns clean. Soak everything minimum for 4 hours with 2 cups of water. After 4 hours quinoa, oats and both daals will turn soft.
  3. After 4 hours, scoop out quinoa-oats mixture using spoon and reserve water separately. Always strain excess water and later add while grinding little by little to make smooth right consistency batter.
  4. Now grind soaked mixture into a smooth paste using same water as required.
  5. Keep aside to rest it for 20 minutes. Add salt in batter.
  6. Now heat a broad non-stick tava/griddle on medium heat to make Dosa.
  7. Once tava is hot, wipe tava with damp kitchen towel to bring the temperature down. Always remember, to make perfect Dosa, the temperature of tava should be low while pouring and spreading batter. So, keep wiping tava every time before pouring and spreading batter.
  8. Pour around ¼ cup of batter over tava with round spoon and spread into circle, drizzle some oil/ghee and cook till Dosa turns golden brown and crispy from the bottom.
  9. Flip the Dosa and cook on the other side if required. 
  10. When done, fold the Dosa and serve hot with Nariyal Chutney/Coconut Chutney, Sambhar or Aloo Masala.

    Quick Tips

    1. Quinoa: To make quinoa oats Dosa use white quinoa, white quinoa is best replacement for white rice.
    2. Storage: The left-over batter can be stored refrigerator in an airtight container for up to 3-4 days.
    3. Temperature: Always remember to make perfect Dosa, the temperature of tava should be low while pouring and spreading batter. So, keep wiping tava every time before pouring and spreading batter. If the tava is too hot, the batter won’t spread easily and evenly. It will stick to the back of the spoon.
    4. Methi seeds: I have add 1 Tbsp of methi seeds in my recipe which equals to 3 Tsp. My family loves taste of methi but feel free to add less like 1 or 2 Tsp. 

    Recipe Notes


                              1. Which Tava did you use to make Dosa?

                                1. Hello M Mehta
                                  I have used non-stick tava for this recipe. You can use cast iron or any dosa tava for this recipe.

                              2. Replies
                                1. Thank you Sadhana for the feedback. I am so glad you liked the recipe.๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ˜Š