January 21, 2022

Methi Ladoo/Dana Methi Ladoo

Methi Ladoo or Dana Methi Ladoo is a traditional Indian sweet recipe, specially prepared during winters. Born and brought up in Rajasthan India, I have been eating these laddos since childhood. Normally kids don’t like methi because if its bitter taste, but these laddos used to be my favorite during winter season. And they still are my favorite. So, few years back I decided to learn this recipe from my mom. She makes amazing Ladoos and that too without using khoya/mawa. Delicious and healthy. Win win!

Methi means fenugreek and in this recipe Dana Methi as in Dry fenugreek seeds are used. Methi consumption is very good for health, it helps in lowering blood sugar levels, also reduce cholesterol, and increasing milk production in breastfeeding mothers. Sprouted methi, dana methi ki sabji, ladoo are few ways to consume methi. These Ladoos are comparatively healthy, provide warmth to your body and makes a perfect snack during winter season.

This winter give this recipe a try. Have safe and warm winters!!!

Cuisine: Indian | Recipe Category: Appetizer Serving: 20-22 Ladoos
Prep Time: 10 Minutes | Soak Time: 8 Hours | Cook Time: 40 Minutes 


For Ladoo


Dana methi/Dry fenugreek seeds

250 gm/1 ½ cup


Ghee/Clarified butter

350 gm/1 ¾ cup, divided


Milk, at room temperature

500 gm/1 ¼ cup


Dry coconut, grated

250gm/1 ½ -2 cups


Gond/Edible gum

250 gm/1 ¼ cup


Whole wheat flour

250 gm/2 cups


Almonds, roughly chopped

½ cup


Cardamom powder/Elaichi powder

1 Tsp.


Sugar Syrup/Chaasni



500 gm/2 ½ cup



200 gm/1 cup



2 Tbsp.



Step By Step Instruction: [Hide Images]

Grind and Soak Methi

  1. Pick methi seeds thoroughly. 
  2. Grind dana methi in mixer grinder turning power button on and off. Grind it coarse to fine powder. You won’t need very fine powder. Grind in batches for uniform grinding. 
  3. Place coarse methi in a big deep bowl for soaking.
  4. Now heat 50 gm/ ¼ cup of ghee and add to coarse methi powder. 
  5. Mix it well.
  6. Now pour in milk and mix everything well to combine. Milk should be on on room temperature. Cover the bowl with lid and let it soak for minimum 8 hours to overnight.
  7. While we wait for methi lets prepare other ingredients.

        Grate/Grind Dry Coconut

        1. I have added two big dry coconut for this recipe. 
        2. For this recipe you can grate coconut using a grater or cut coconut in thin slices and grind in mixer-grinder. Each way works just fine. 
        3. If you are using mixer-grinder, do make slices not small pieces. Slices grind better than pieces. And second grind it turning power button on and off. 
        4. You can use readymade roasted coconut slices also for this recipe or desiccated coconut. But whole coconut is healthiest one, as it’s least processed.
        5. Keep it ready and keep aside.

        Roughly chop Almonds

        1. Roughly chop almonds and keep aside.

        Fry Gond and Dry roast Whole Wheat Flour

        1. Heat remaining 300 gm of ghee in a deep bottom pan for frying gond. 
        2. Once ghee is hot enough, add few gond pieces to check to temperature of ghee. If gond comes up puffed, means ghee is at perfect temperature for frying. Gond should not sink at the bottom, which means ghee is not hot enough.
        3. Fry gond in batches and remove on plate. No need to place it on kitchen towel. The ghee in fried gond is perfectly fine. We won’t be adding any extra ghee other than this.
        4. Once you are done frying gond, remove any un-puffed gond from ghee. If you want you can strain remaining ghee and add it back to same pan.
        5. To ghee pan add whole wheat flour dry roast until flour turns aromatic and light golden in color, stirring it continuously
        6. Keep gond and flour ready.

        Make Chaasni and Ladoos

        1. After 8 hours dana methi will be soaked soft. Add soaked methi in a wide big heavy bottom pan. I have used non-stick pan, traditional heavy Indian kadai works best for this.
        2. Break soaked methi into pieces just like shown in picture and crumble with hand.
        3. Switch on the flame and roast methi on low medium heat, stirring it contiuosly.
        4. Roasting methi will take around 30 minutes.
        5. Meanwhile make the sugar syrup. For syrup add water and sugar in a pan.
        6. In a sauce pan add sugar and water and simmer it on medium flame. 
        7. Add 2 Tbsp. milk and remove the dirt that floats on the sugar mixture.
        8. Lower the flame and cook syrup until it reaches to 1 string consistency, while stirring occasionally. Just like shown in picture.
        9. Switch off the flame and keep the syrup aside.
        10. Roast until methi turns golden in color and all the water is evaporated.
        11. To check the doneness, squeeze methi between in your fingertips. If it releases water you need to stir more and if releases ghee it is all set to go for next step.  
        12. Once methi is roasted nice and aromatic, switch off the flame.
        13. In hot roasted methi add grated coconut and mix well.
        14. Next add in roasted flour, roughly chopped almonds and cardamom powder. Mix it well.
        15. Now add fried gond and mix everything gently.
        16. Last add Chaasni and mix gently until well combined.
        17. Keep it aside for 10 minutes to set.
        18. After 1o minutes scoop methi mixture in your hand and form a ball shape ladoo.
        19. Repeat the process with remaining mixture.
        20. Dana methi ladoos are ready eat. Store in air tight box couple of days. As this is winter recipe and made in during winter it won’t go bad easily.
        21. Do give this recipe a try and enjoy Methi Ladoo with a cup of warm milk.

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