June 12, 2022

Paan-Gulkand Milkshake

Paan Gulkand Milkshake - This cooling and refreshing summer drink made with Paan(betel leaves) and Gulkand(Rose petal preserve) is ridiculously easy to make, and is full of flavors. It’s more like drinking your meetha paan. When meetha paan mixed with sweet gulkand, fennel seeds, cardamom and churned with vanilla icecream, yum…gives your party a perfect starter. This drink is super soothing, every flavor gel well together, that this recipe never go wrong to beat scorching summers.

Paan or Betel leaves are very popular and often consumed in Asia. Betel leaves are also used for religious ceremonies. These leaves contain many medicinal and healing benefits and are full of vitamins and great source of calcium. 

In India paan prepared using Kattha (Catechu), Supari (Areca nut), Gulkand (Rose petal jam), Tobacco is very popular as an after meal mouth freshener. For younger generation and kids Meetha paan or paan without tobacco is served. And one of the Meetha a very popular in among kids is chocolate paan. Paan can be served using varieties of combination, may or may not be sweet, as per people taste buds.

This summer give this recipe a try, I am sure everyone gonna just love this. And if you happened to be paan lover, this is a must try for you.

Cuisine: Indian | Recipe Category: Beverages & Drinks
Prep Time: 20 Minutes | Cook Time:
Minutes Serving: 2


For Paan Gulkand Mixture/Paste


Paan patta/Betel leaves

4 pc


Gulkand/Rose petal preserve

3-4 Tbsp


Saunf/fennel seeds

2 Tsp.


Elaichi/Green cardamon powder

¼ Tsp. or 1 pod


Green food color



Ice cubes or water

For grinding




For Paan Gulkand Milkshake


Paan gulkand paste

2 Tbsp.


Milk, chilled

2 cups


Vanilla ice-cream

2 scoops


Ice cubes

4 cubes


Dry rose petals

For garnishing




Step By Step Instruction: [Hide Images]

For Paan Gulkand Mixture/Paste

  1. Take 4-5 betel/paan leaves and rinse well. Tilt the leaves behind and trim off their stalk.
  2. Chop or  just hand tear the leaves into small pieces.
  3. Now in a blender add together, chopped paan leaves, saunf, 2-3 ice cubes. You can add water too for grinding but ice cubes help to retain the color of paan leaves.
  4. Give it a nice grind so that leaves almost turn into paste (coarse mixture). 
  5. Now add in gulkand, elaichi powder/pod, food color (if using) and grind again to make a smooth looking fine paste. Add more ice if required. 
  6. This paste can be stored an airtight container for couple of days in refrigerator or you can freeze to store it for longer time. 

For Paan Gulkand Milkshake

  1. To make paan gulkand milkshake all you need to do is gather all the ingredients you have ready by now. It will be done in no time.
  2. In a blender add paan gulkand mix, chilled milk, 2 scoops of vanila icecream and blend well until smooth. Add ice cubes if required.
  3. Pour into serving glasses, garnish with dry rose petals and serve chilled.

Quick Tips:

  1. Vegan version: To make this recipe vegan use soy/almond milk and icecream.
  2. Garnishing: For garnishing, you can use chopped nuts like pistachios, almonds and cashews. Or you can use sweet fennel seeds, tutti fruity. I have used dry rose petal here. 
  3. Food color: Adding food color is totally optional here. If you wish you can add few drops of green food color.
  4. Sweetener: I have not used any kinds of sweetener to make this drink as gulkand is sweet and contain a lot of sugar. Plus icecream is also sweet.
  5. Storage: This paste can be stored an airtight container for couple of days in refrigerator or you can freeze to store it for longer time.

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